Sunday, November 23, 2008

When I'm 65?

Subtlety is not an option.

Girl on bus: Who are you trick-or-treating with?
13-year-old boy: I'm trick-or-treating with GIRLS!
[Later, explaining]
13YOB: It's like a boys' night out, with girls.

Girl: [in a "blonde" accent] Oh my God, you guys, my birthday is like in three days. And like, I'm getting my prom dress from Nebraska, y'know? It's like... like red, and wrinkled but in a stylish way. But I don't know if I can get it, 'cause it's like $200, and, I just don't know, y'guys...

Math class girl: Oh my God, why do you even do any work in here if you have all these games on the calculator.
Math class boy: Because I wanna go to college.
MCG: That's stupid.
MCB: And get a good job.
MCG: You won't.
MCB: Why?
MCG: You don't know how to.
MCB: You're stupid.

Girl in study hall, talking to a friend: I don't understand how this boy could be cute as f%*^ and boring as hell!

A well-written biography will just light up the world for me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The square root of 64 is eight...

Guy 1: Do you know the etymology of that word?
Guy 2: What's that?
Guy 1: It's like, why that word became.

It's almost time! I'm almost out of chocolate!

1: ...No?
2: He said it was too big.

1: Do you realize what you're losing?
2: ...superintendent of schools don't care... do away with the position.

Dyed Blonde Girl: So I have [name] sleeping over at my house tonight. You could come over then, but I dunno if you'd want to...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

63 Strangers Hugged

[After three-person group hug]
Girl: It's Hug A Stranger Day!
Boy: He's not a stranger!
Girl: I don't know who he is!

Girl: We're just gonna get like a fry.

Guy 1: Barry Manilow's gonna be on my team.
Guy 2: But that's awesome!

Girl 1: So was she in the box?
Girl 2: ... We stopped by the mirror and she pulled out a clump of her hair.

1: I was good at math when...
2: When it was just numbers.
1: They took me out of the dumb class with all my friends and put me in the smart class with all my enemies.

Boy: That's why he's wearing yellow!
Girl: Everybody always wears blue!

1: I wore my Uggs today. I feel special.
2: It's not even that cold out.
1: I usually wear my flip-flops until the second day after it starts snowing.

Can you feel my presence? 'Cause I'm right there. Do you feel it? I'm right there.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

62 Smurfs at the Party on Wednesday

These sound bites were in a draft post from a year ago and somehow never got posted. I think they're still good, so I put them up. Enjoy! -Maria

You see that kid with the mohawk?
His twin sister is the Dark Lord of the Northern Regions!
[hysterical laughter]

Random Kid on Bus: Party on Wednesday! Come on, everybody parties on a Wednesday!

[The previous day...]
Bus driver: [honks horn]
RKoB: Woo! You honk at Tony, Tony honks at you! Woo! Come on Tony, let me out, I'll kick his-

So how many people have called you a Smurf today?
Well, there was... [counts on fingers, muttering about the two people in one class, the four people in English class, etc.] Twelve. Twelve people called me a Smurf today.
You're officially a Smurf.
But you don't have the stupid white hat.
I'll try and get one today and bring it it tomorrow. I'll make one out of newspaper.

Friday, October 17, 2008

61 Possible Relatives

Guy 1: Am I related to you?
Guy 2: Yeah, you probably is; you just don't know it!

Changing Vocal Cords Lad: Shut up! It's not greed, it's hunger!

Senior Guy: Hey everyone, Toga Tuesday! Everyone wear a toga on Tuesday. See if they take it off us all.

Girl: We learned that in like sixth grade.
CVCL: Do you honestly think I remember that, with my bad memory and short attention span?

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Teacher 1: What would I do if I wasn't in the middle of the chaos?
Teacher 2: Seriously!
Teacher 1: I would have nothing fun to do in my life.

Changing Vocal Chords Lad (CVCL): Ew! When I tasted it last time it tasted better.
Girl: Maybe they cut out some sugar.
CVCL: They probably did!

Science teacher: House is crazy. I would like to have a doctor like that. And he has absolutely no people skills. I like that.

CVCL: Excuse me, this is a bus, not a nail salon.

Life sucks. And then you die.

59 Teacherly One-Liners and Escalator Guys...

There's no games in biology!

Geography is not destiny, but geography influences destiny.

I don't speak silence.

Live and learn, or die.

Of course you're gonna play me. That's how we are.

It smells like a preschool. Seriously, smell it!

That's all right, you laugh like a girl. Nothing perjorative, girls.

It's multi-tastic.

Yo, Shrek the Third is my [stuff]!

Anne Hutchinson, she's my favorite!

Jamie doesn't sabe!

I say mathemagical because there are some people who are like, "Where do these crazy mathematicians get these things?"

Your cats are cute. Lemme get one.

It's just a concious thing, like how the hundred-dollar wines taste better.

I hate the library! Librarians scare me!

I can tell what a Porsche is!

That [stuff]'s mad goofball, yo, for real.

The end is coming! How exciting!

You don't smell in science.

No, it was the third day. That's when I realized, "Lady, you need some psychological help."

You look like a young Wesley Snipes. It's a good thing.

I'm more of an escalator guy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

58th Anniversary of Friendship

It makes me sick. And I don't like being sick.

I like hangin' out with good people once in a while. I'm always hangin' around with knuckleheads!

Girl, discussing life: I don't care how it began; I don't plan to be here when it ends!

Guy: Throwing a kitten never felt so good!

Girl 1: ...and then we have to go out to dinner because it's our first anniversary of friendship.
Girl 2: [inaudible insult]
Boy: ...I was about to say that, but I'm being polite today.
Boy: So, if it's your second anniversary of friendship you have to make two cupcakes, and if it's your third anniversary of friendship, you need to make two cupcakes, a cookie, and another cupcake?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thinking Ahead...

Little Girl: "He hurt me!"
Police Officer: "What did he do?"
Little Girl: "He stole my test!" (she points to the little boy.) "Now I'm not gonna get into a good college and waise a family, and I'm not gonna be able to study finanin- financin-financal skills. I'm already in first gwade!"

Saturday, August 30, 2008

56 Little Lads

Girl: Can I cut your hair?
Guy 1: No! Whenever people cut my hair I either end up looking like Star Wars or the little lad who likes berries and cream.
Girl: Weren't you paying attention?
Guy 1: I have ADD. Pardon my ADD.

Guy 2: Every time I go on MySpace she's in love with a different person.

Freshman: Ow! You stepped on my football toe!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

55 Dentist Patients Agree

apple should make an iphone shuffle that phones random people.
haha Yes!!!!!!!!! the phone itself should be cheap because you would use ur mintutes up and need more because you talk to so many random people and talk to the ones you also want to talk to..if you ever get a hold of them.

[Note: this was originally posted in a comment by Caitlin on July 26, 2007- we just never got around to posting it.]

Friday, July 11, 2008

54 Non-Existent Brain Cells

Guy 1: I don't even have any brain cells.
Guy 2: [affronted] Since when did I have any brain cells?! You knew me in middle school.

Guy: I didn't talk to you!
Girl: You be actin' like a [darn] girl, yo! Can't understand you.

If you can avoid them and all of us, then you deserve to...

53 Dentists Agree...

SCENE: Breakfast time in the "dining room" (a room with those folding tables and chairs in it) of a Best Western motel in northern Vermont. A gaggle of older teenage girls, who are there because of some athletic thing, are talking loudly at the corner table of the room. They don't notice that every single other person in the room is listening in to their amusing (if somewhat airheaded) conversation, for lack of anything else more interesting. One "soccer girl" (hey, they seemed like soccer girls to us) gives us this intelligent-sounding argument on oral hygiene:

SOCCER GIRL: Once when {guy's name} stayed over at my parent's house he forgot his toothbrush, so I was just like whatever, use mine. I'm okay with him using my toothbrush because I make out with him all the time. But if you [motions to friend sitting by, listening attentively] wanted to use my toothbrush, I would be totally grossed out. Because, like, I don't make out with you on a daily basis.

It is impossible to tell you who said what in this next section, as there were around seven or eight girls all talking at once, so you'll have to use your imaginations, boys and girls!

Do you like shellfish?
I don't do shellfish.
Yeah, I like clams, but I don't do mussels or oysters.
I LOVE mussels!
What's shellfish?
It's anything that, like, its home is a shell.
I love oysters!
Aren't there like, harmful bacteria in oysters?
They're served raw.
You don't like, cook them or anything?
They put some sauce on them, but you just slurp them down.

Can't you, like, drown the oyster?
[Old man over at the next table, who has been reading the newspaper all this time, starts laughing outright, along with everyone else eavesdropping in the room.]
No, they die when they come into the air.
Oh! I was like, how do you drown an oyster?

Monday, May 26, 2008

52 Screaming Parade-Goers

Nice healthy breakfast- lemonade and popcorn.

Old lady: ...a man's voice saying, "Are you expecting bags?" and I said, "Yes," and he said, "I'm right outside your house!"

He's got this fear of cranes at the moment so he was pulling me in the opposite direction.

Hassled parent: I'm gonna hold your hands like this. Just don't grab my neck!
[later] If you stop screaming I'll get you a snowcone in five minutes.

There's a ringleader somewhere. Depends on where it is.

Guy 1: [burps for three seconds straight]
Guy 2: High five!

I don't jump, I run.

When you talk, evil comes out. Bad breath!

Friday, May 23, 2008

51 Persperating Spider Monkeys

I'm sweating like a spider monkey over here. [pauses] That made no sense at all, but whatever.

1: Wait, how were people formed?
2: I dunno, from bacteria or something.
1: Ew.
2: [laughs]
1: I just know the Bible version.
2: Yeah, me too.

He did these magic tricks and [stuff], you know, in public.

I share a gym locker with [Girl's Name] and when I got there this morning my clothes were folded.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gold Anniversary- 50 Posts! That's Freakin' Expensive!

Teacher 1: Are you making fun of vertically challenged people?
Obese Teacher: I'm horizontally challenged!

Girl with camera: I think I'm gonna die. It's showing up in like all my pictures today.

See, I didn't have that liberty, so...

Guy 1: [to Guy 2] You most certainly are a frog.
Girl: [to Guy 2] You're a lady?
Guy 2: I'm a frog lady!

The notes he wants us to take are so bogus it's stupid.

Lemme think, fridge, Sarah... is that right?

No, he gave me a sandwich. He said, "Here"...

...front row seats were only $41. But for this Mayhem concert, lawn tickets are like freakin' $76! That's freakin' expensive!

Girl 1: My dog is amazing and your dog is ugly.
Girl 2: Don't ever say that again.

That's one of the reasons I'm not on YouTube.

1: basically she tricked us.
2: ...go to her funeral?

I can't say you're more than that because the reality is, you're not.

I actually turned off the lights because I was scared!

I've never seen someone look so much like you.

1: Wait, which one's pound?
2: The one that doesn't have the star on it.

And for the grand finale... the epic tale of crowd surfing! I wrote all of this down sitting in front of some guy on a bus. -Maria
I wanted to do it a second time, so I went up to these two big muscular dudes and said, "Hey, can you put me up on the stage?"... [they said]"one, two, three, and you jump." So one dude had one foot and the other guy had the other foot and... one, two, three, and they threw me as hard as they could. I flew over about 20 feet of crowd over the people who were s'posed to catch me, and onto the heads of some, like, unsuspecting people.

Today the Muffin Man is 49 years old.

Guy on bus: [to friend] You know how I got a referral from him? Muffin! [imitating voice] "You go get that muffin, you're going to Mr. C.!" [as himself] I don't care, I want the muffin!

Same guy on bus: [a few minutes later in the ride] Honestly... I don't care about it... I just want to make a big deal out of it.*

Girl in hallway: [to friend] posture will change and everything will be fine.

Drama Kid: FANFARE!!!
Kid from other side of stage: Fanfare!
Someone else in the auditorium: ...fanfare!
Another person: Fanfare!
*The quote of the month is the second sound bite listed in this post. It is a great demonstration of the institution of adolesence. I know we posted it before, but it is well worth posting again. -The Editors

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

48 Jaded Juniors

Honestly, I don't care about it-- I just feel like making a big deal out of it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

47 Peanut M&Ms that don't got no peanuts

I hate the M&M peanuts when they don't got no peanuts in 'em!

This looks severely cool.

It was sooo fun! I was sooo scared but it was sooo much fun! I went with...

Girl: Mister, I was at Cosco yesterday and it was windy and my song blew away.
Person: How did your song blow away?
Girl: It was windy and the words blew away.

But miss, chocolate milk makes me crazy!

Girl 1: He's cute. In a very fierce way.
Girl 2: Fierce!

Girl: [screams]
People in hall: [stare]
Girl: That wasn't me, that was my neighbor!

Girl 1: No one can fix things like Cindy can.
Girl 2: Then tell Cindy to fix it!
Girl 1: I will!
Girl 2: Okay!

Girl 1: I had to babysit until three in the morning once.
Girl 2: When did you start?
Girl 1: At like six. I fell asleep on the couch.
[...later in the conversation...]
Girl 1: I raided the fridge and everrything. I always eat their food. They have like this giant candy drawer.

[I know we rarely credit sound bites to their sources, but this one I just had to name.]
Pat Buchanan: [stating the obvious on a news show] The winner, if he does not win, loses!

Okay, um, just tell me how to get into the garage.

THAT'S a boy! EW!

Guy talking to another guy who is halfway down the hallway: I got a zero out of 36... no, I got a zero out of 46... either way, it's still a zero.

[SCENE: two boys are heading to go down a staircase]
Boy 1: She's innocent!
Boy 2: No, she's not!
Boy 1: She wasn't laughing!
Boy 2: That's just the way she is!
[ momentarily lost...]
Boy 2: She gotta stop playing innocent!
[ lost again...]
Boy 1: Yes she is!
Boy 2: No she isn't!
[This continues until they are out of earshot.]

Sunday, February 17, 2008

WGNX 46 Features news, weather, sports, community events, and contests.

Tollbooth Worker on her phone: ...just slow down and don't smoke as much!

Oh, dear God, worst situation EVER!

Guy: She's gonna pick me up and she's gonna drop me off and I'm rapping all the way down the hallway, y'all!

Girl, speaking earnestly: My stomach was hurting so bad so my mom eliminated soy from my diet.

Guy trying to sound smart: That's a bit of an oxymoron. Kind of...

Girl, listening to a song: I wish I knew what she was saying! I would be singing this song every day! Argh! It makes me so mad!

Security Guard talking to some boys in the hallway: You don't need that no more. It's all about reputation, you know what I'm sayin'?

OOH! Hand cramp, yo!

Girl 1: smell like opium.
Girl 2: She said that to her FRIEND?!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Number 45, CMT Style

"Let's see how many people interrupt us."
"Put that down."
"How YOU Doing?"
"That, too."

"Focus on your visual concentration."
"I'll add specific details."
"You have to sort of fill it in here."
"So, put in some quotes?"
"Don't ask me."
"She says the same."
"She's a smart student."
"This is fine, can we make this..."
"Change it from a hypothetical to an actual example."

[For those who don't know, the CMT is a standardized test administered to Connecticut students from grades 3-8.]

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

44 is a Happy Number

Woman talking on cell phone: They should do a reality show on your life. [pause] It would be entitled, "It doesn't have to be this way."

The following sound bite was overheard by the Blogger user "a thinker". -Maria
Guy one (behind us) - How do you reckon people developed number systems. 'Cause I really like the number 3, so I'm trying to find the origin of numbers and letters.
Guy two - Well, the number three is obviously just a "W" in disguise.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Year A.D. 43 Started on a Tuesday!

Girl, talking on cell phone: Do you have tweezers at your house? [listens] 'Cause I gotta pluck my eyebrows!

Boy: [sings] All my friends say of course it's gonna get better.
Girl: Oh my god! That song was stuck in my head when I was walking away.

Girl: Who fails all their tests? [Her name] does!

Girl 1: ...Scotch tape.
Girl 2: Scotch tape?
Girl 3: Why would you use that?
Girl 1: My boyfriend...

Guy 1: Do you want to go to the library?
Guy 2: I don't wanna go to the library 'cause we have to be quiet and I don't feel like being quiet.

Guy, pointing out places on girl's face: ... patch of redness here, a patch of redness here, and a patch of redness here.

Girl: She's smart, she's just not a good teacher!
Teacher: I thought you liked her! Oh! Then I'm not going to be in on your running joke on her!

Student 1: How did you do?
Student 2: Awesome! It was the easiest test of life!

Friday, January 18, 2008

FORTY-TWO SECONDS are better than first helpings. havent you heard?


Girl one: "Why are you on the floor asleep?"
Girl Dos: "So Martin Luther's wife will not be offended"

"Latin reminds me of harry potter. NOX. FACIO. right?!"
"yes then later you could have carpe diem, harry potter tatooed on your pelvis later."


"I can't eat seeds."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

41 People Not At All Trying to Look Fresh

The following sound bites were overheard on two different days with the same people talking. -Maria

Girl 1: It looks like you tried to look fresh today.
Girl 2: No, not at all.

Girl 1 [to friends]: Ew, that sucks!
Girl 2: You know, she heard you.
Girl 1: Sorry, miss. It's not you; it's your class.
Teacher: That's okay; I don't take anything personal.
Girl 1 [to friends]: She knows I love this class.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

40 Forces of Nature

We haven't really been able to post anything since December due to illness, lack of usable sound bites from the holidays, and extreme busy-ness. So here are a whole bunch of sound bites to keep you occupied. -Maria

...and that means tomorrow, and the next day, and forever!

Ensemble Chair: You will need to wear a dark-colored tie.
Baritone: Like black?

Boy: I disagree with you about that being hot.
Girl: So what do you think is hot, Shakespeare?
(Note: I believe the girl was addressing the guy as "Shakespeare" rather than suggesting he thought Shakespeare was hot.)

Excitable senior girl: Ask her if we can ask people in their twenties to go. 'Cause I can get a whole bunch of people in their twenties!

Girl, shouting: I hate it when guys wear pink! I hate it!

He's so funny, yo. He's just stupid.

Annoyed teen girl: Stop looking at me and smiling like you're my husband!

Mrs. ___ looks like a chicken wing... then I think of chicken patties and I get hungry!

Same kid, in math class: Chuck Norris doesn't do math, math does Chuck Norris! I made that right now; I thought it was pretty funny.

What, a vacuum? What the [ffff noise]?

Guy 1: Just give me thirty minutes after school. I have to shave.
Guy 2: It takes you thirty minutes to shave?
Guy 1: No, I have to shower, too.

Girl: I'll help you clean your room if you give me a pair of gloves.
Friend: [laughs]
Girl: No, I'm serious.

[Obviously freezing guys getting on the bus]
1: So, it's pretty warm out today.
2: Toasty warm.

Girl: ...go to the stables and ride many horses.

Teacher: Chocolate rules. There's nothing better than chocolate.
Student: Yes, there is: vanilla.
Teacher: No. No way.

I had to throw 'im off to get your number! ... He had to make money. Money come first. [sic]

Girl: I kinda set my house on fire this morning.

[Talking about "Jane"]
Girl: Do you like her mom?
Boy: I love her mom! I love her mom more than I love Jane.

I know she envies me... but she doesn't have to look at me all the time like, do I have something on my face?

Guy I: My mind and my body started shutting down because it was tiring! I had to run around the track four times!
Guy II: Was it bigger than [school name]'s track?
Guy I: No, it wasn't bigger. It was shorter, but it was longer. It wasn't bigger.