Wednesday, January 30, 2008

44 is a Happy Number

Woman talking on cell phone: They should do a reality show on your life. [pause] It would be entitled, "It doesn't have to be this way."

The following sound bite was overheard by the Blogger user "a thinker". -Maria
Guy one (behind us) - How do you reckon people developed number systems. 'Cause I really like the number 3, so I'm trying to find the origin of numbers and letters.
Guy two - Well, the number three is obviously just a "W" in disguise.


Lena (doesnt feel like lookin 4 her password) said...

ok so this is a youtube comment about celine dion that really made me laugh:

''She sing ,she dance, SHE GARGLES!What else can she do like that?Man she is so amasing!
She is so on earth!
Long life to you Celine!''

Gina said...

What I find amazing is that they only bothered to use the correct verb form in the first sentence in the word gargles. INteresting... :D Thanks Lena!