Monday, May 26, 2008

52 Screaming Parade-Goers

Nice healthy breakfast- lemonade and popcorn.

Old lady: ...a man's voice saying, "Are you expecting bags?" and I said, "Yes," and he said, "I'm right outside your house!"

He's got this fear of cranes at the moment so he was pulling me in the opposite direction.

Hassled parent: I'm gonna hold your hands like this. Just don't grab my neck!
[later] If you stop screaming I'll get you a snowcone in five minutes.

There's a ringleader somewhere. Depends on where it is.

Guy 1: [burps for three seconds straight]
Guy 2: High five!

I don't jump, I run.

When you talk, evil comes out. Bad breath!


Gina said...

Sorry, I forgot my breath mint. LOTI Who said the last one, Maria?

#24601 said...

This is just a random sound bite I've heard-

You know you've been in choir too long when you've heard, and agree with, the analogy of:
Altos love Basses
Basses love Altos
Sopranos love solos
Tenors love themselves

Gina said...

Too true,#24601, too true. As a bass-loving alto, I have to whole-heartedly agree. Now, do tenors love themselves because they are egotistical, or because there's no one who loves them? Interesting...

#24601 said...

The last line could also be interpreted as in a choir, all the senses of the word "love" are exhibited. The love between altos and basses is love for other people, sopranos love for solos is more of a love of fame and the limelight (which theoretically would make sopranos more egotistical than tenors), and tenors loving themselves can be thought as tenors love themselves as a section, they're friends who look out for each other, which would be a friendly, brotherly type of love.

Maria said...

The last sound bite is from a certain box-wearing fellow classmate.