Friday, April 25, 2008

Today the Muffin Man is 49 years old.

Guy on bus: [to friend] You know how I got a referral from him? Muffin! [imitating voice] "You go get that muffin, you're going to Mr. C.!" [as himself] I don't care, I want the muffin!

Same guy on bus: [a few minutes later in the ride] Honestly... I don't care about it... I just want to make a big deal out of it.*

Girl in hallway: [to friend] posture will change and everything will be fine.

Drama Kid: FANFARE!!!
Kid from other side of stage: Fanfare!
Someone else in the auditorium: ...fanfare!
Another person: Fanfare!
*The quote of the month is the second sound bite listed in this post. It is a great demonstration of the institution of adolesence. I know we posted it before, but it is well worth posting again. -The Editors

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