Wednesday, January 30, 2008

44 is a Happy Number

Woman talking on cell phone: They should do a reality show on your life. [pause] It would be entitled, "It doesn't have to be this way."

The following sound bite was overheard by the Blogger user "a thinker". -Maria
Guy one (behind us) - How do you reckon people developed number systems. 'Cause I really like the number 3, so I'm trying to find the origin of numbers and letters.
Guy two - Well, the number three is obviously just a "W" in disguise.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Year A.D. 43 Started on a Tuesday!

Girl, talking on cell phone: Do you have tweezers at your house? [listens] 'Cause I gotta pluck my eyebrows!

Boy: [sings] All my friends say of course it's gonna get better.
Girl: Oh my god! That song was stuck in my head when I was walking away.

Girl: Who fails all their tests? [Her name] does!

Girl 1: ...Scotch tape.
Girl 2: Scotch tape?
Girl 3: Why would you use that?
Girl 1: My boyfriend...

Guy 1: Do you want to go to the library?
Guy 2: I don't wanna go to the library 'cause we have to be quiet and I don't feel like being quiet.

Guy, pointing out places on girl's face: ... patch of redness here, a patch of redness here, and a patch of redness here.

Girl: She's smart, she's just not a good teacher!
Teacher: I thought you liked her! Oh! Then I'm not going to be in on your running joke on her!

Student 1: How did you do?
Student 2: Awesome! It was the easiest test of life!

Friday, January 18, 2008

FORTY-TWO SECONDS are better than first helpings. havent you heard?


Girl one: "Why are you on the floor asleep?"
Girl Dos: "So Martin Luther's wife will not be offended"

"Latin reminds me of harry potter. NOX. FACIO. right?!"
"yes then later you could have carpe diem, harry potter tatooed on your pelvis later."


"I can't eat seeds."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

41 People Not At All Trying to Look Fresh

The following sound bites were overheard on two different days with the same people talking. -Maria

Girl 1: It looks like you tried to look fresh today.
Girl 2: No, not at all.

Girl 1 [to friends]: Ew, that sucks!
Girl 2: You know, she heard you.
Girl 1: Sorry, miss. It's not you; it's your class.
Teacher: That's okay; I don't take anything personal.
Girl 1 [to friends]: She knows I love this class.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

40 Forces of Nature

We haven't really been able to post anything since December due to illness, lack of usable sound bites from the holidays, and extreme busy-ness. So here are a whole bunch of sound bites to keep you occupied. -Maria

...and that means tomorrow, and the next day, and forever!

Ensemble Chair: You will need to wear a dark-colored tie.
Baritone: Like black?

Boy: I disagree with you about that being hot.
Girl: So what do you think is hot, Shakespeare?
(Note: I believe the girl was addressing the guy as "Shakespeare" rather than suggesting he thought Shakespeare was hot.)

Excitable senior girl: Ask her if we can ask people in their twenties to go. 'Cause I can get a whole bunch of people in their twenties!

Girl, shouting: I hate it when guys wear pink! I hate it!

He's so funny, yo. He's just stupid.

Annoyed teen girl: Stop looking at me and smiling like you're my husband!

Mrs. ___ looks like a chicken wing... then I think of chicken patties and I get hungry!

Same kid, in math class: Chuck Norris doesn't do math, math does Chuck Norris! I made that right now; I thought it was pretty funny.

What, a vacuum? What the [ffff noise]?

Guy 1: Just give me thirty minutes after school. I have to shave.
Guy 2: It takes you thirty minutes to shave?
Guy 1: No, I have to shower, too.

Girl: I'll help you clean your room if you give me a pair of gloves.
Friend: [laughs]
Girl: No, I'm serious.

[Obviously freezing guys getting on the bus]
1: So, it's pretty warm out today.
2: Toasty warm.

Girl: ...go to the stables and ride many horses.

Teacher: Chocolate rules. There's nothing better than chocolate.
Student: Yes, there is: vanilla.
Teacher: No. No way.

I had to throw 'im off to get your number! ... He had to make money. Money come first. [sic]

Girl: I kinda set my house on fire this morning.

[Talking about "Jane"]
Girl: Do you like her mom?
Boy: I love her mom! I love her mom more than I love Jane.

I know she envies me... but she doesn't have to look at me all the time like, do I have something on my face?

Guy I: My mind and my body started shutting down because it was tiring! I had to run around the track four times!
Guy II: Was it bigger than [school name]'s track?
Guy I: No, it wasn't bigger. It was shorter, but it was longer. It wasn't bigger.