Thursday, November 6, 2008

63 Strangers Hugged

[After three-person group hug]
Girl: It's Hug A Stranger Day!
Boy: He's not a stranger!
Girl: I don't know who he is!

Girl: We're just gonna get like a fry.

Guy 1: Barry Manilow's gonna be on my team.
Guy 2: But that's awesome!

Girl 1: So was she in the box?
Girl 2: ... We stopped by the mirror and she pulled out a clump of her hair.

1: I was good at math when...
2: When it was just numbers.
1: They took me out of the dumb class with all my friends and put me in the smart class with all my enemies.

Boy: That's why he's wearing yellow!
Girl: Everybody always wears blue!

1: I wore my Uggs today. I feel special.
2: It's not even that cold out.
1: I usually wear my flip-flops until the second day after it starts snowing.

Can you feel my presence? 'Cause I'm right there. Do you feel it? I'm right there.

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