Saturday, December 1, 2007

Price of dog:$38. Its ability to eat lightbulbs: Priceless.

So I'm guessing you won't be wanting this peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

I swear, if her mom wasn't like my best friend, I wouldn't be friends with her!

Every time I go to [town name], I run over a rabbit... I go over a bump and I'm like (makes sad face).

Katelyn, that was you laughing? I thought that was a dog barking!

Exasperated Boy, observing two people horsing around loudly: Can you kill each other in silence? Can you turn it down to foghorn level?!
One of the two girls horsing around: You don't have to yell!

Peppy Girl: I'm really stoked!
Girl happening to walk by: Should I go get my fleece?
GHTWB's friend: Yeah.
GHTWB: Yeah, let's go.

Yo, every day we come in with a different story!

Are you going to get a tattoo when you're older?

Regain control of your limbs, man!

Wait, your little dog or your big one?
The little one.
Wait, the little one? But your little one's like this big! {holds fingers apart about three inches} How could it possibly eat a light bulb?


a thinker said...

At Graduation, talking bout people we met during the day

Me - so what do u make of the girls we met today?
Guy two - they were a couple beers short of a six pack, eh.
Guy three (behind us) - how do u reckon people developed number systems. cause I really like the number 3, so I'm trying to find the origin of numbers and letters.
Guy two - Well the number three is obviously just a "W" in disguise.

Maria said...

A thinker: Interesting sound bite. We may use it in a future post, so stay tuned!

Anonymous said...
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Gina said...

who the heck is this adam brown guy??? some trash spammer who says he's involved with banking in germany and doesn't have a blog, but strangely enough we were able to ask him a question about the abs diet??? wtf??????

Maria said...

Gina- I'm trashing the comment that spammer left on our blog. I don't appreciate people doing stuff like that. It's not right.