Tuesday, November 20, 2007

36 Unwanted Llamas

Oh, no! It ain't the cheesy kind, is it?

Guy in high school lobby: Make way for the king, ladies and gentlemen! And I don't mean me, I mean Chuck Norris!

Yo, I just got a big bag of Mentos. I'm unstoppable!... pretty much. For now.

[hysterical laughter throughout] How do you tap-dance and feed a llama at the same time? [later] How do you tell a llama you don't like him anymore? "I don't like llamas anymore!" [hysterical shrieks]

[Two girls discussing a school project]
1: You can't take care of a baby! You can't even take care of yourself!
2: That's mean! That's mean!
1: No, it's not!
2: I could too!
1: [skeptically] Okay...

Person 1: It's my favorite book cover in the world!
Person 2: Obviously you have no life if you have a favorite book cover.
Person 1: You can write on it!

Why, what color is your house?
I don't know, everyone says it's brown but I think it's blue.

Kid, pointing to confetti: Mom, look! A napkin! Mom, look! A napkin!
Mom: Oh my gravy!