Wednesday, November 7, 2007

32 Disney Animals

Girl 1: *showing friend baby picture*
Girl 2: You know what you look like in this picture?
Girl 1: What?
Girl 2: You look like the green M&M.


Boy 1: *patronizingly* No, {name}, that's what you don't say.
Girl 2: *in her best comeback mode* No, that's what you don't say.

[somewhat later, maybe half a minute, more or less]

Girl 3: ...and I was dancing around the room *demonstrates* cleaning the dish.
Girl 2: Like Cinderella?

*General laughs*

Girl 3: *singing, albeit somewhat badly* Cin-der-elly, Cin-der-elly!
Girl 2: *sounding a bit personally offended* Why in every fairytale do they decide to clean and there's always a song going on, you know?

*General assent*

Girl 2: Like in Snow White, when she starts cleaning there be mad animals popping out, right?

*Nods, laughter*

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