Wednesday, November 25, 2009

80 Child-Proofed Lollipops

Girl: He can't just dance. He has to have it choreographed for him.

Girl, failing at opening candy wrapper: Are these child-proofed?

Parent: It's like, kids, wait 'til you're older and you have more things to carry.

Why don't they just serve everyone corn and get it over with?

Guy: Hello?! It's my tongue. I want to keep it in my mouth.

Boy staring at a cracker: That's disgusting... He licked it and.... That's disgusting.... (eats cracker)

Chatty art class student: My dad tears whenever I pluck his eyebrows. They are so long they go all the way into his eyes!

Person with British accent: Shall i drop it like it's hot?

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