Saturday, August 8, 2009

(7) 3 Norwegian bachelors carrying the damn pizzas

Old man bloviating in restaurant on Cape Cod (OMBIROCC): The only people who qualified [for Medicare] were three Norwegian bachelors in North Dakota, and suddenly eighty million people...

Derisive Woman in CVS: ...then you break your wrist wrestling?! That doesn't make any sense!

OMBIROCC: If you pay for it, they will eat it!

Man to Woman, in CVS (confidentially): Part of this is his willingness to do that in front of everybody...the disregard...

OMBIROCC: They had taken every single thing [from the silverware drawer] upstairs, (dramatic pause), and cleaned it! [said in a manner to convey the shockingness of the aforementioned action]

Girl: You drank garlic with orange juice in it?
Guy: juice with garlic in it. Other way around.

Woman on a Phone: Are ya, are ya kidding? They were s'posed to use a dustless machine...oh really?

Hassled Woman (Who Might Be Named Debbie) To Her Elderly Mother: If you're going to make me drive the car up, just give me the damn pizzas!

Boy 1: You stepped on a perfectly nice sandcastle!
Boy 2: You stepped on a perfectly nice person!

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