Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What? Forgot to pay the gravity bill?

Boy 1: What did you have for breakfast?
Boy 2: You know, chips, pancakes, waffles, some mouthwash, the usual.

I got, like, an F in 3D!

Man: ...but only if it's soured rubber!
Woman: It is!

Woman on Metro-North: And I said, "Chris, I'm gonna come to your house for all my grocery needs!" [chuckle]

Boy: Three out of my four wallets feature unicorns.

It was nondescript. It wasn't bad, it was just nondescript.
We were stunning, weren't we.

That was the funniest darn thing. Not appropriate, but funny.

Cranky Arthur Avenue shopowner: I can't pull a pizza out of my hat. These people think I can pull a pizza out of my hat.


Kenzie/Noodle said...

haha hey just wanted to share something funny that happened. I was out 2 dinner with my bff my bf and 2 of his friends and we had this rly funny and nice waiter. so at the end she said this to describe one of my bf friends. you can't add,you don't know the differnce between a bowl and a plate and you hit girls. sheesh!

Gina said...

Haha. Thanks, Noodle.

Maria, I never read this entry until now. Where did that first bite come from??

Maria C. said...

The first three are from Tony.