Sunday, January 4, 2009

66 Knights of the Round Table

[Before Spamalot begins]
Dad: The password is "the knights who say ni!"
Son: I'm typing it in!
Dad: [musing] How do you spell "ni"? N... I...

[On the train]
Man: ... that and the fact that you're not blood related?
Woman: And I didn't grow up in the South.
Man: Yeah.

Man: (It's like the) days of the Amish when you just have to memorize phone numbers.


Maria said...

The whiny dude on the train was obviously ignorant of the fact that the Amish don't even have telephones.

Maria said...

Shout-out to Emily if she reads these comments... after a German/Japanese meal like that you've got to have some good sound bites :) Email 'em in! (Or just post in the comments....)

Emily said...

gah i would have to think...that was quite a long time ago.

oh yeah haha

"why would it be acceptable for ANYONE to wear cat ears"
and i think there was something involving the ramune bottle chorus

Maria said...

Beautiful. Thanks :)