Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eighteen is not spelled Eightteen.

It's easier if you know your colors!

...that yo-yo I stole?

Hey Austin, [NAME] might switch into our Australian class.
Note: This one struck me as funny because I didn't even know our high school had an Australian class. Weird. -Maria

[Girl 1] She acts like Batman at practice.
[Girl 2] Really?
[Girl 1] Yeah, she does this. (Stretches out arms)

...Jessica, over there by the Snapple machine.
Wait, what? Jesus? Did you say Jesus?
Oh yeah, sure. "I saw Jesus." "Where?" "By the Snapple machine."
...Jesus loves Snapple.


Maisy said...

Hey! This is Maisy from the Harry Potter blog. I think it's so cool that you found the blog before the story. I was hoping something neat like that would happen. anyways!

that is the webpage thingy. and if it doesn't work just check out go to read stories and "Find story/author" and search for queenspuppet.

I would recommend reading Tongue Tied. that's what a lot of the updates on the blog are about and it's the story i'm working on solidly right now. Thanks for checking me out!!

hearts, maisy!

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Gina said...

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