Thursday, July 26, 2007

Number Two

Oh my god what’s wrong with you?!
Exorcism no comments yet
I have this weird friend who posts stuff on her blog.
Yeah this is the exactly the kind of stuff I’m looking for!
It’s a dream it’s about this cat who like wants to commit suicide or something and like… it’s like the exorcism, and she’s like “I hope I never go to sleep sad again” it’s like wicked weird!

I was going to print it out yesterday but we had that, like… duff come
Yeah. Each breath I take… I think you want to say “feels”
Oh, what did I…?

He looks like a Chia pet!
It's true!


Caitlin said...

eeekkk! i love you're blog.
i have a new for ya.. i was in the dentist and these angst teens were like "apple should make an iphone shuffle that phones random people". " haha Yes!!!!!!!!! the phone itself should be cheap because you would use ur mintutes up and need more because you talk to so many random people and talk to the ones you also want to talk to..if you ever get a hold of them".
i thought you might enjoy it :]

Maria said...

Thanks, Caitlin! :D I think you are going to be my SoundBite-Finder for... wherever it is you live. (Not that you should say anything here... who knows which beavers are watching...)

Caitlin said...

oh goody.
i love how you put the chia pet thing. he does look like a chia pet

Anonymous said...

heyyy i'm not that weird :/