Sunday, July 29, 2007

Number Four

{Orange light from a digital camera is seen on a girl's arm before a photo is taken.]

"OhMyGod! OhMyGod! I'm going to die! SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL ME!!" [Screams and runs a few feet away behind a tree]

[walks over to the tree] "What are you talking about?!!?"

" I was almost killed by a orange laser!!!!!! I saw my life flash before my eyes!"

"That was the camera. It means the flash was on and it detects a person."

"Oh." [goes and hits camera person]
"You scared the sugar crispies out of me!"

[Laughter] "Sorry 'bout that."


Caitlin said...

i overheard this at a park. it was mad funny. this girl thought people were after her.

Gina said...


Gina said...

Wait- how old was this girl???

Maria said...

That's really funny!

Caitlin said...

she was like our age. it's sad. i know