Wednesday, March 4, 2009

69 Truth-Finders

Wait - I told her not to tell you the thing that I told her about you! That b****!

You're telling me that NOW? Before the PROM? But I already bought a new BRA!

...But honestly, Jackie*, you're just not that pretty. And you're not very bright. Now, don't you feel better that we've had this talk?

Girl1: So you're saying you had nothing to do with this?
Girl2: Yes!
Girl1: Nothing at all?
Girl2: Yes!
Girl1: But she said you did!
Girl2: I didn't!
Girl1: So let's clarify, you're saying you DIDN'T take my waffles?
Girl2: Nope, I took 'em.
Girl1: *confused look*
Girl2: Yeah, I lied. Sue me. They were good, too. Blueberry.

Boy: So tomorrow I'm -
Girl: Going to Vermont.
Boy: How did you know that?
Girl: Just a...guess. Whatever it is you're thinking, just know that I DIDN'T tap your phone.

Chicknumero1: Yeah, he's (her boyfriend) a REALLY good kisser.
Chick numero2: Yeah, I know, right?


Maria said...

OMW Bela, you posted something!!!!

Bela said...

Yup! Hey, I told my mom I wouldn't eavesdrop, but...

Haha, some habits are hard to quit!

By the way - what's OMW?

Gina said...

OMW= oh my word

Bela said...

Ah, I see :)