Friday, October 12, 2007

Twenty-Six Steakhouses

Boy 1: I'm not going to put up with this tolerance!
Boy 2: Oh, yeah?
Boy 3: Wow. You're not going to put up with this tolerance, huh? That makes a lot of sense.
Boy 1: Shut up, I bet you can't even SPELL tolerance.


Boy 2: T-O-L-E-
Boy 1: I swear it has two Ls.
Boy 3: I swear you should be quiet.

{sometime later}

Boy 3: The last time I went to American Steakhouse was about three weeks ago.
Boy 1: Oh yeah, and there's Chuck's Steakhouse.
Boy 3: Chopsticks?
Boy 2: Shut up, [name].
Boy 4: Yeah, and there's that other steakhouse...
Boy 2: Yeah, what's it called?
Boy 1: Backyard Steakhouse?
Boy 2: It's OUTBACK steakhouse, you idiot! Not Backyard Steakhouse!
Boy 1: (embarrassed) Shut up!

{and later...}

Boy 3: There's like ten clubs in that bag, we should jump out and steal it!
Boy 2: Is that a lawnmower?
Boy 4: Maybe...
Boy 2: That's not a lawn mower!
Boy 3: That's an AWESOME lawn mower!

{even later still, during a lengthy discussion about Godzilla and whether or not he lays eggs...}

Boy 3: Why would Godzilla attack New York? He's a Chinese idol.

Thanks for the entertainment, Boys 1-4 (sorry we didn't catch everything you said, 4).

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