Saturday, August 11, 2007


Alexander should come with me. Hey, Alexander! Come here!

Why do we have to go to Willie's?
(sorry if we spelled your name wrong, Willie.)

*splash* Ew, look, this water is dirty! It has, like, fish poop in it!
Ew! Spiders in the water!!!
For the record, they were water bugs, not spiders. And those boys should have realized that when you go ANYwhere near them, the bugs go away. Sissies... :D

Luke, you suck! You're like the worst basketball player I've ever seen!
*chanting in the background* Digdigdigdigdigdigdigdig!!!

Did you get the jackpot?
No, she did.
*words to the effect of "I've never gotten the jackpot before!*

We heard a LOT of funny sound bites on our vacation, but my personal number 1 most favorite is the following:

DRAG QUEEN: *beeps* I can't stop now! *zoom of a Vespa*


RANDOM TOURIST LADY: I almost got hit by a drag queen!

I thought that would be a good bumper sticker: I got hit by a drag queen on a Vespa in P-town, Mass.


Gina said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!click on the link to the second blog because the first one is stupid. When you get a pop-up saying lalaland or elmo's world, click on it. We have to figure out how they did this... >:D

Gina said...

Oops, I posted the wrong link... I'll have to dive into this computer's history-

Crap, it's not there. Well, maybe I'll find it later...